Adelaja Kenny



Added a 2 star review to Churrasco on Oct 31, 2017
Poor service, over priced meals but i keep going back though just because i get more value on their giant strawberry mojito glass..lol #greatcocktails #amazingview
Added a 5 star review to PEPPERCORN AVENUE on Oct 31, 2017
Thai and Indian cuisine at its best. From the complimentary tortilla chips to the 3 course meal I ordered was perfect. The pan fried momos, tandoori barel potatoes, lamb chops, Indian lasii .. it was divine and beautifully presented that I asked to give credit to the chef in person. He was so pleased. Courteous staff, decent price and great portions πŸ‘
Added a 4 star review to Club 57 on Oct 26, 2017
My sisters and I had a Great time!! The Dj kept churning out GOOD music from the early hours till late midnight.... We nibbled on a seafood platter in the midst of the dancing and it was so delicious! I danced till my body could dance no more "that's was about 4am" lol It was LIT
Added a 4 star review to South on Oct 25, 2017
Good service, great atmosphere and the decor literally took me on a trip to New Orleans.lol Interesting menu...The bourbon berry lemonade + New Orleans shrimp =good food/good times. Pretty decent for the price too and of course, i didn't leave without taking a picture on the outdoor swing table sets. Overall, it was a wonderful dining experience
Added a 3 star review to Switch 1922 Lounge And Grills on Oct 25, 2017
It's a good hangout spot with a cool outdoor terrace. I have only tried their spicy cat fish pepper soup even though I've been there a couple of times.lol It was fresh, very tasty and affordable!
Added a 3 star review to Hard Rock Cafe on Oct 25, 2017
I love the rock "n" roll vibe, the music, food is OK but too pricey! I ordered their club sandwich and I was shocked to see it didn't come with any side dish for N4,500. It was boring and definitely a total rip off ! However, i was extremely satisfied with the Hard Rock Cafe Shot glass I purchased.
Added a 2 star review to Maroccaine Restaurant on Oct 25, 2017
I don't care much for marocaine! Just my go to spot for good Sharwama.
Added a 5 star review to Utopia on Oct 25, 2017
Take me back already 😍😍The highlight of my visit to Utopia was the Amazing signature cocktail. 😍😍😍Presentation was on point πŸ‘ŒThey stole my heart by giving me a complimentary cheese cake 😁with the dessert ordered 🍨 Great food, lovely ambiance( gave me that cosy and casual feel), superb service. This will have me coming back and back again πŸ‘βœ…
Added a 5 star review to Shiro Restaurant & Bar on Oct 25, 2017
My best fine dining experience in LagosπŸ‘Œ Food was cooked to perfection, the lamb chops was so tender and juicy, the Thai chicken curry had great flavor and texture was awesome. Desert was chocolate volcano.. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜that's one chocolatey goodness.... I honestly couldn't fault any of the courses. Great Ambience with an Amazing view. Although, I was a little bit disappointed having to wait 10 -15 mins to get the table ready after making a reservation earlier. It's very Expensive but definitely worth it #myshiroexperience. I was called a day after from the restaurant for a review and that to me is a great service.πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘
Added a 3 star review to Papa's Grill on Oct 25, 2017
I first visited when it was newly opened and to be honest I didn't go with any expectantion. I didn't know what to pick on the menu but with the help of the manager he made a quick suggestion and ever since, I've been hooked! The combo was a whole grilled chicken served with three different sides (coleslaw, French fries, yam chips) 😲 Can you just bit that? Lol ... It was very symptoms, large portion and yet affordable πŸ˜‹
Added a 4 star review to Plant Planet on Oct 25, 2017
The best healthy guilt free ice cream 🍦The vanilla dream and oatmeal waffles was EVERYTHINGπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ I'm glad delivery within Lekki phase 1 is freeπŸ˜‰ And yes, I met the owner, she was very welcoming 😊
Added a 3 star review to Shades Lounge on Oct 25, 2017
Sea food platter pls!! That's me anytime I go to Shades..lol Very tasty and affordable πŸ‘Œ #calamarilover
Bookmarked Shades Lounge on Oct 25, 2017