Oghenejode Ure



Added a 5 star review to Samantha's Bistro & Grill Bistro on Nov 30, 2016
I guess I went there on a good day. The cheesy garlic bread was fresh & delicious. The rice was delicious but the lamb was less meat, more congealed fat. The apple pie crust was dry, ice cream delicious. I give them a five-star for service; having worked in the hospitality trade, I know how important service with a smile is.
Added a 4 star review to Due by Chef Dish on Nov 30, 2016
Awesome place....their turkey entree was a bit tough too. Their drinks? Yum. If you love belly-filling food; you'll love IL Due
Added a 5 star review to The Bay Lounge on Nov 13, 2016
Want to sip some wine, eat delicious barbequed chicken & listen to some good music in a cool environment sitting by the water? Then visit the Bay Lounge. Waiters are polite & friendly. A great place to unwind.
Added a 1 star review to Marco Polo on Nov 13, 2016
If you visit Marco polo & enjoy it...thank God for you. Where do I begin? The waiter forgot about me, their seafood soup tastes like vomit & they had no dessert available. Worst dining experience ever
Added a 3 star review to R.S.V.P on Nov 12, 2016
RSVP is yum. As a music lover, my first impression was "tom&jerry music" but it fades into pleasant background noise after a while. Portions are huge...a bit pricey though. The waiters were a bit idle & stood around gisting, watching me as I ate...a bit unnerving. As a Nigerian who loves very spicy food (peppery), the dishes tasted a bit bland. Ideal for a first date, birthday dinner (long dining tables available) etc. A very classy dining experience
Added a 4 star review to The Place on Oct 22, 2016
The place is yum! Everything to satisfy your palette.
Added a 3 star review to Zanzi Bar and Grill on Oct 22, 2016
For quiet, mature fun...zanzi bar it is. Excellent waitstaff.
Added a 5 star review to The Soul Lounge on Oct 22, 2016
Think soul bar, think cocktails. Their cocktails and finger foods are on point. The ambience is second to none. Their waitstaff is excellent
Added a 3 star review to D'lish Smoothie and Juice Bar on Oct 22, 2016
This is my go-to spot for when I'm too lazy to make my own smoothies. Deliciously refreshing juices
Added a 3 star review to Nut about Cakes on Oct 22, 2016
Cakes and pastry as soft as a cloud. Good thing it's in my hood. I hit there at least once a week.