Oghenejode Ure



Added a 5 star review to Lydia’s Place on May 10, 2017
They deserve 7stars....native food of life. A bit pricy though but the oha soup will soften the blow 😂😂
Added a 2 star review to Lekki Leisure Lake on May 10, 2017
Music was too loud. entrance fee is higher than all other beaches but nothing spectacular is inside
Added a 4 star review to Mico's House of Chicken and Waffles on May 10, 2017
Good enough but their delivery service is wack
Added a 2 star review to Debonairs Pizza on May 10, 2017
Won't be visiting again. Didn't meet my expectations
Added a 3 star review to Ice-Cream Factory on May 10, 2017
Very nice. I abandoned cold Stone after stopping by the ice cream factory
Added a 4 star review to Crockpot Restaurant on May 10, 2017
Very nice. In my opinion, Sheraton Ikeja is still the best Sheraton in Nigeria
Added a 5 star review to Pool Terrace Bar on May 10, 2017
The ambience is lit! The music...soft and pleasant to the ears. Very cool setting to hangout
Added a 5 star review to Samantha's Bistro & Grill Bistro on Nov 30, 2016
I guess I went there on a good day. The cheesy garlic bread was fresh & delicious. The rice was delicious but the lamb was less meat, more congealed fat. The apple pie crust was dry, ice cream delicious. I give them a five-star for service; having worked in the hospitality trade, I know how important service with a smile is.
Added a 4 star review to Due by Chef Dish on Nov 30, 2016
Awesome place....their turkey entree was a bit tough too. Their drinks? Yum. If you love belly-filling food; you'll love IL Due
Added a 5 star review to The Bay Lounge on Nov 13, 2016
Want to sip some wine, eat delicious barbequed chicken & listen to some good music in a cool environment sitting by the water? Then visit the Bay Lounge. Waiters are polite & friendly. A great place to unwind.
Added a 1 star review to Marco Polo on Nov 13, 2016
If you visit Marco polo & enjoy it...thank God for you. Where do I begin? The waiter forgot about me, their seafood soup tastes like vomit & they had no dessert available. Worst dining experience ever
Added a 3 star review to R.S.V.P on Nov 12, 2016
RSVP is yum. As a music lover, my first impression was "tom&jerry music" but it fades into pleasant background noise after a while. Portions are huge...a bit pricey though. The waiters were a bit idle & stood around gisting, watching me as I ate...a bit unnerving. As a Nigerian who loves very spicy food (peppery), the dishes tasted a bit bland. Ideal for a first date, birthday dinner (long dining tables available) etc. A very classy dining experience