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Paris Deli

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Rating: 3.0/5 (25 votes cast)

Paris Deli is a popular place for croissants, cakes and sandwiches, and other dishes. They offer a quick bite or a nice long meal, depends what you’re in for. If you just want to go in for a coffee, or to meet with friends they would be happy to have you.

Paris Deli, 3.0 out of 5 based on 25 ratings

Location: Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island

Phone: 017677177


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Ral: It's such a shame that my last experience was nothing to write home about. I went in and ordered a crab salad to go, on getting into the car, I decided to quickly eat my salad as I was rushing to a meeting. To my horror, the avocados were black and looked completely wrong, so I tossed it to the side and then came the black mushrooms. Everything about my salad looked and tasted completely wrong. I ended up picking on the sweet corn which of-course did not fill me up. Sad that a good concept cafe/restaurant has lost its service to provide quality food at all times. Paris deli needs to hear their customers complaint and hopefully this would help to make the quality of the food better in the near future.

Used to love; now hate Paris Deli with a passion: Food is so crap these days! Waiters are rude & obnoxious......doubt I will ever go back there....used to be a faithful.....rather than tell you what you ordered is unavailable, they substitute with a cheaper option without even informing you & charge you same price.....the other day, we ordered a cake for a friend's surprise party we were having at SIP lounge and to our horror, cake was totally off....was too much of an embarrassment......enough said, I don't think anyone should spend their hard earned cash at Paris 'hell' deli......and don't even let me get started on how you are forced to smoke passively in there.......

Anonymous : It made me sad to hear that Paris Deli had started getting bad reviews and complaints had become increasingly frequent. The concept of it was perfect for Lagos and I for one was a fan of their delicious sandwiches until I had an experience that has made me never go back. I had tried one of their items that was displayed in their fridge and noticed it had a foul taste , something was off with an ingredient and I decided to tell one of the staff there. He listened to my polite complaint, heard me say it tasted off and that they shouldn't serve it to other customers and responded with advice to ME that everyone has different taste buds and what may seem disgusting to some, may taste delicious to others, he then asked if he could taste the item I had told him about and said to me " it is delicious!" and asked the waiter if there was more of this item... I was horrified

Reviewer 001: The waiters are rude. The manager is loud and a little obnoxious. And worst of all, I don't understand why they let people smoke indoors. The food I had was pretty good, but everything else was horrible!

Foodcritic1: I can't stand this place anymore. It went from being a really great place, with fantastic food to a s*** hole!!!! The manager doesn't care whether you have rat poison in your food! He's more interested in smoking! They are just rude! Talk to you like you're doing them a favor by eating there! And so patronizing! Their staff, instead of gaining experience after a year of being there, get worse! And don't get me started on their food. It's as if they just keep the food sitting there for a couple days. It's amazing how quickly this place went from being great to horrid. I will never go there again! There are so many better options now!

Foodlover: I went to the restaurant today with two of my friends and absolutely enjoyed my food. I had no problem with it whatsoever, it was spiced to perfection and the shrimps was nicely grilled. I had the fishermans food or so. What i didn't like about the place was the smoke and there was a European guy there who had a bit of an attitude. Besides that the food was great, the strawberry cheesecake and their hot chocolate(accompanied with whipped cream and marshmallows) yumm!

a guest fromEurope: we had lunch there today and as always service and food was nice, fresh. the only thing they should improve to get a better air ventillation. the smoke is really bad, that is the only reason I don"t go there more often.

Rev: Too much smoke. It is a pitty

LagosExpat: This place is great for a coffee and a croissant w some gal pals while the kids are at school. It can be smokey but the selection of baked goods is worth it to me. The service is getting better and if you don't like something or have a question it's worth it to speak up as the manager's are more attentive than the staff.

Reviewer8: This place can really frustrates me! When they introduced their new hot chocolate I became obsessed. But when after 2 weeks of serving it I went back they had switched back to the tasteless powder hot chocolate, which I would never pay for! So instead of telling me they didn't have the one I wanted they just decided I should have the cheaper quality version!!!That's when they told me their hot chocolate machine was not working! For over a month now I've been stopping in to see if they have fixed their machine and they still haven't! If it takes them over a month to fix one problem how do they deal with their other problems??? I'm tired of going there! I seem to always walk out angry!

Reviewer7: Very nice atmosphere but the food was disgusting -hamburger tasted like sawdust , i am sure i got food posioning and will not be eating out again after that episode.

Reviewer6: The best coffee, and service is getting better with each visit. Keep it up!

Reviewer5: Foods quite good, especially the sesame toasted bagel with smoked turkey. The service has improved quite a bit. Its very hot in the restaurant though and the manager needs to smile more!

Reviewer4: Normally love Paris Deli, but very frustrated after waiting 25 minutes for a couple sandwiches when I told them I was in a hurry, especially since the sandwiches are already prepared! They simply forgot about me!

Reviewer3: Lovely place, impeccable Service!. Welcome to Lagos! I hope you keep up the standard!

Reviewer2: great food lovley staff

Reviewer1: Today I had lunch with my friend there for he first time. It was certainly my wrst restaurant experience in lagos. My friend ordered a cheeseburger she didnt finish and i opted for what was called a 'crab' salad. My initial choice was the 'seafood salad' but i gladly change my mind when i saw it s displayed. When my salad arrived, i noticed the avocado was mostly black in colour and immediately called the attention of the manager. his response was 'trust me it's fine'. I guess i must be from a land where i do not know what an avocado should look like or what a good salad is. I tried to avoid areas with the avocado but was not spoilt for choice as mushrooms were also mostly black and the so-called crab stricks were like straw. At this point i was done with the salad and figured i wont be coming back there. Few minutes later i decided to call the attantion of a lady who seemed to be asking all (non-nigerian) tables how their food was. Instead she sent the man who i later learnt is called NADIM to our table. I told him I didnt call him seeing as he wasnt helpful before and he began to raise his voice asking what the issue was and that if it was the avocado i should just cange the salad, i told him i was NOT interested in any other option judging by what i was served already with half black mushrooms and avocado. He was more concerned with me making a scene than solving this problem so i stormed out but not before i let him know what i was served is clearly not a salad and asked him where he thinks im from. Somewhere in his head he must think Nigerians live in caves and are not well travelled enough to know what a good salad looks like. I can name so many other restaurants in lagos that serve amazing salads and with better customer service. This dude was rude and i plan to tell everyone about this experience so no one goes through it again. If he is relly in the restaurant business he should know that vegetables are very delicate and can easily cause food-poisoning. I stormed out and did not pay for that salad and will not go back there. A dog would have refused that salad if served.

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