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Bottles Restaurant

  • Area Victoria Island
  • Rating 2.6 of 5

The one and only spot for the best margarita’s and chicken wings in town, and if you’re craving Mexican then look no further. Be warned, they can get very busy so make sure you book your table!


11am-12 Tuesdays - Saturdays

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No. 8, Imam Agusta Close (Off Olosa Street, near Eko Hotel)

08088804116, 07002688537

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Where do I start. I've been to bottles before but decided to try it again for MasterCard week. Dodgy location for a restaurant but what is new in lagos. I noted however that they've changed their menu. I saw this and thought the food must have stepped up a notch. I had a Mexicana cocktail (i think. I will get to this later). For my starter I had the teriyaki wings. I wonder why this is on a Mexican menu though or maybe I'm confused. Anyways I saw it and thought, anything teriyaki sign me up. Unfortunately these were very dry and I was forced to pack it up. Next I had the beef fajita. Another dissapointment as the beef was quite dry and I get the feeling it had been lying in the fridge somewhere for a week. I could be wrong tho but I didn't even get halfway through the main which is surprising for me. For my desert I got the brownie as they didn't have anything else on the menu. Let me just add that I hate brownies but had to get it. What came out was not a brownie though. More like a crepe/ chocolate / fudge/ nut get up. When I asked to clarify the waitress told me it was a brownie so I guess it was a brownie. Didn't finish that as well as it was quite overwhelming. To be honest if I'm ever visiting bottles again it would be just because. The cocktail I got ended up being water and something else. A 3/10. Average experience for me

Bolaji10 · November 27, 2016 · 2/5

To be honest i was hoping bottles had improved but everything about the meal was terrible. Burritos- bad, brownie- bad, buffalo wings- bad. I guess the fries and ice cream were manageable. Oh the waiter was ok too. I think they should just give up and serve only margaritas and fries. I mean, after all this time, the food is still crap?! Sigh. I love the bottles ambience though. However, you don't get that vibe during the lunch hour so i literally have nothing to compliment them on for this visit.

Shay · November 11, 2016 · 1/5

Tbh, my buffalo wings were forgettable. I'm not sure if that's what they're supposed to taste like but I def won't be ordering that again. The fries were a delight though. And my friend's burger. Didn't appreciate the service from the waitress. Because we tried to settle our bill half in cash and half via a PoS, she flared up yo. She was legit raising her voice and everything.

Mowale · October 23, 2016 · 2/5

Moved back to Nigeria and went for the first time about a month ago maybe? Uhm, margaritas are so amazing!!!!!!, very nice mixed crowd. Generally good vibe and whatever band that was playing the live music when I was there was just spectacular. Since I've only been once, not too sure if it's the same band that plays permanently. Friendly staff too. 5 stars. #ChampagneForEveryone lol

Captainbibo · October 20, 2016 · 5/5

Can I just say margarita heaven before I say anything else. I love this restaurant. We always get a large frozen strawberry margarita pitcher and it is to die for. The decor of the restaurant truly represents the Mexican theme although the tables could be a little bigger in my opinion. The food is also very good. They have the best nachos (try the macho nachos) in Lagos in my opinion (and I've tried nachos at a couple of restaurants in Lagos) and let me say they get it right. It's fully loaded and so cheesy and with right amount of crunch, just the way it should be. We also had the Texas fries and beef tacos which were superb as well. For dessert we had lots of choices. Everything came with Icecrem which was a big plus. We got the brownie and it was moist and not as heavy as others I've had. Side note: make a reservation if you can. They have busy nights and you wouldn't want to get turned away at the door. Happy eating...

Iyobz · October 19, 2016 · 5/5