Nigerian Food Myths - From Scary to Hilarious

Posted Thursday, 24 August 2017

Food myths can be found all over the world. Some will have you rolling on the floor in hysterics due to their comical nature while others are undeniably true. Nigerian food myths are no different.

There are different beliefs depending on what part of the country you are in, your gender or age group. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular Nigerian food myths we’ve encountered.



Eating fish eyes will make you unintelligent and make your eyeballs big.

If you eat the buttocks of a chicken, you’ll become talkative.

If you eat snails, your growth in life will slow down.

If you eat beans you will be tall.

If you swallow a fruit seed, the tree will grow in your stomach.

Always eat your meat last so you are not seen as gluttonous.

If you give a child meat and eggs with every meal, the child will become a thief.



Drinking coconut water will make you unintelligent.

There are two food combinations that will harm your tummy and may lead to death:

  1. Eating mango and drinking garri

  2. Eating mango and drinking Coke



The more yam you eat, the more likely it is you will have twins.

Eating snails while pregnant will ensure your baby will drool a lot.

If pregnant women cooks moin moin, the moin moin will not cook all the way through.

If a pregnant woman eats amala and ewedu, she will give birth to a small baby.


Where and How You Eat

If you eat standing by a door post, you won’t get full.

Standing when eating is bad because the food will go straight to your feet and they will swell.

An orphan shouldn’t eat in the dark. If they do, their dead parents will come and eat with them.

If you are eating something and it falls to the ground, don’t pick it up because the devil has tasted it.



Never speak while plucking the feathers of a chicken because the feathers will keep growing back.


Photo Cred: Women Planet

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