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Posted Thursday, 01 June 2017

Journey through a culinary adventure through Southeast Asia, where an array of fragrant spices and flavours are brought together to create the exquisite dishes at Métisse.

Hidden in a corner of Café Royale lays Métisse, an intimate fine dining restaurant bringing together the best dishes from six different exotic Southeast Asian cuisines. The ambiance of this quaint space is romantic, with stars lighting up the ceiling, a piano playing the perfect music to set the mood, and a mirrored wall glimmering behind the bar.



The culinary journey takes you from Thailand, India and Vietnam to Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, capturing the unique cuisines from each country and presenting them with a special Métisse touch.

Start your journey in Thailand with the Bangkok Chicken Wings, lightly fried chicken wings marinated with a Thai chili glaze and a homemade chili paste; or venture into the sea with the irresistible Crispy Calamari. A twist on traditional fried calamari, this fresh calamari is marinated in spiced coconut milk, giving it a golden, crispy coat with a hint of sweetness. It’s served with Thai sweet chili, to give it a very subtle kick.


The Métisse Samosas are a unique take on Indian samosas. The deconstructed samosas at Métisse are beautifully presented and much lighter than traditional samosas, A pastry shell encases ground chicken cooked in curried tamarind, accompanied with a citrus coriander yogurt. The beauty of the appetizers is that all the dishes are made for sharing.


The Pan-Asian menu captures the most popular dishes from the region, recreating them with a Métisse twist, such as the Chicken Tikka Salad, the Vietnamese Pho, the Singapore Chili Prawns and the fragrant Red Curry. The Red Curry, with chicken or prawns, is beautifully prepared with a Thai red curry paste, sweet potatoes, green beans and eggplant.


Voyage to Indonesia to get a taste of the Crispy Batter Fried Chicken. The chicken is fried with a special Indonesian tempura batter, giving it a light, crisp coating while the chicken remains tender on the inside. A special homemade coriander and palm syrup glaze gives the dish a touch of sweet and sour flavors, which pairs perfectly with white rice.

Métisse, meaning mixed origins, is the perfect way to characterize the restaurant’s menu. Nyonya, a Malaysian style of cooking, originates from the unique marriage of Chinese and Malay cultures. This special fusion makes the Nyonya Seared Salmon the perfect dish to embody Métisse. The perfectly seared, melt-in-you-mouth Nyonya Salmon is glazed with a special homemade sweet chili sauce, topped with a dressing of spicy green peas and served with a side of white rice.


The best way to end any meal is with sweetness. At Métisse even the desserts capture the Pan-Asian fusion. Their Spicy Ginger Cake fuses the spicy ginger essence together with a sweet caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. The combination of the strong ginger and the rich caramel makes for a delightful combination of flavours. The chocolate Molten Lava Cake may not capture the same fusion concept, but it certainly seizes your senses with its rich, gooey chocolate center that pairs perfectly on a spoon with the vanilla ice cream.

Métisse represents a marriage of cultures from a diverse region, a fusion of flavours beautifully prepared and presented to create a fine dining experience in an almost secret space. It’s a hidden treasure.

Métisse Lounge & Restaurant

267A, Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island.

Phone: +234-1-2714156-58


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