What’s Your Worst Roommate Horror Story? Here is Mine

Posted Friday, 04 November 2016

I heard quite a number of stories about her. I heard she wasn’t someone most people would like to be roommates with. I heard she was going to make the room unbearable for me; and I wouldn’t enjoy the room one bit.

In fact, some people went further to tell me that she is not a nice person, and I would feel miserable staying in the same room with her.

With each of the numerous stories I heard about her, came fearful thoughts about how I am going to spend ONE YEAR in the same room with her.

As a freshman, roommate problems wasn’t one of the things I needed, in fact, I never envisaged such occurrence. I raced to the porter’s lounge to complain about my new roommate I have never met, but supposedly know much about based on what people had said. However, all efforts to change rooms failed. I had to stay in the room.

Much to my amazement, all those countless tales about how mean my roommate was were false. And in fact, being her roommate brought a lot of memories that had stayed with me till now.

One of the things that has stayed with me from my undergraduate days is the memories. Suffice to say that we remember memories and moments more than material things.

The roommate experience I had with Sonia (as I would like to call her here) was a very good and memorable one. How come people said all those things about her?

Sonia exhibited the characters of a roommate that cared about the welfare of others. She was nice, and fun to be with. She always looked out for the welfare of the rest of us in the room. It wasn’t a case of misery, it was more of cheerfulness.

Why did those people say all those things about her? Perhaps they didn’t know her, they only concluded based on their own perspective or based on how she seemed to be or portrayed herself to be to them.

If they had gotten to know her, and come to understand who she really is, perhaps they would have known that she is a nice person, and they just needed to understand her.

And this brings me to why you need to get to know your roommates, or at least know basic things about your roommates or prospective roommates. Hearsays aren’t always reliable, but actually getting to know your roommate or prospective roommate might save you both a lot of stress.

On www.roomiesconnect.com, you get to connect with your prospective roommate, and this helps you to know your roommate before you both move in together.

Rommies Connect is the first roommate matching service in Nigeria (and a few African Countries). The platform brings you so many benefits such as helping you to choose the right roommate, and actually giving you an opportunity to know your roommate.

You are going to be with your roommate for about a year or more than, why then shouldn’t you choose someone that match the kind of person you are looking for?

Roomies Connect was made with you in mind, whether you are a student, worker, or someone just looking out for another person to share an apartment with, www.roomiesconnect.com helps you to make your search easier!


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