Posted Tuesday, 06 September 2016

Health and fitness in Lagos has evolved. Gone are the days of boring and monotonous workouts, People are becoming more aware of the importance of fitness, not only for the purpose of looking sexy and good but also for a long strong healthy life. An underrated yet arguably the most effective method of achieving this is through Boxing.

Boxing fitness is huge globally, from the US, UK, Asia etc and now finally Elitebox provides a world class platform for every and anyone to use boxing as an avenue to get and stay fit.

You must be asking, “Why boxing?” “Will it help me lose weight or keep fit?

Yes, it will. Boxing is a 2-in-1 cardio and strength training workout that works on the whole body. It’s a non-contact fitness activity that builds your strength, speed, agility and power, and boosts metabolism.

Ultimately boxing as the right balance of fun, challenge and the added value of being able to learn how to protect yourself at all times.

At Elitebox Fitness, we have a world class boxing facility along with highly skilled trainers who will motivate you through every class and are dedicated to helping you reach your body goals. 

Tired? We will push you.

Feeling reluctant and lazy? We will encourage you.

Want to feel pumped and Get Fit? We are the one for you.

Feeling stressed and want to blow off steam? We are your guys.

After all, you can only get from boxing what you put into it.

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