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Spot of the Month Archive

Bistro 7 - October 2014

Bistro 7 welcomes you through its pearly white gates into 7th Heaven, where you are welcomed immediately by their heavenly garden, encased with a white picket fence and an Avataar-esque tree just shadowing over the bistro. The versatility of Bistro 7 means that throughout th... Read more

The Foundry - September 2014

  The Foundry was born out of a strong passion for great food and an eye for design. It’s not just about the Brooklyn urban chic design, but more about the details that bring the vision inspired by the local Owode Scrap Metal Market together. The owner is no stranger to the re... Read more

Privé Lounge and Restaurant - January 2014

As you walk up the spiral staircase that takes you into the exclusive lounge, you can’t help but rub your fingers against the sultry palace mink red walls. As you enter the grandiose beaded chandelier style ceiling welcomes you to new experiences. Everything abou... Read more

Spice Route - December 2013

Take a journey through the ancient spice route, past the Terra Cotta warriors to the homeland of the grand Buddah and you will be mesmerized by the destination you arrive at. Spice Route is an experience for all your senses, a tantalizing journey for your taste buds from India to Ch... Read more

bnatural Spa and Villa Maroc - August 2014

The music is soft, the lights dim and the delicate fragrance of the oil hangs in the air as attentive hands gently massage my back to life. The rhythmic movements release the tensions caused by everyday Lagos life, as the entire body is treated like royalty under th... Read more

Café Vanessa - June 2013

Café Vanessa captures your attention after just one glimpse at its impressive façade. With floor to ceiling windows and chandeliers winking at you from inside, shelures you in. Once inside, she entices you with her fashionable interior and smooth style, offering both comfort and class.... Read more

Breena’s Soft Serve Ice Cream - November 2012

Some of the happiest memories are created around ice cream. The joy of picking your toppings, the delight in licking the ice cream quick enough so it doesn’t melt and the disappointment when you take your last bite of the cone are all sensations that you experience whe... Read more

Spot Of The Month

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