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Naija Affair

Railway Compound Ebutte Metta

This Monday, thecelebration commences with a tour of the railway compound that depicts the history of Nigeria and the restoration by Legacy 1995NG to return the railway compound to it's former...

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16 Kofo Abayomi Street, Lagos, Nigeria

The Catharsis exhibition at 16/16 is now running into its third and final week.   The exhibition closes this Sunday with an event featuring Titilope Sonuga, a spoken word artist. It will be...

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Wakaa the Musical

1376 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Lagos, Nigeria

WAKAA!! The musical is a play about the trials, successes and experiences of friends with varied backgrounds, who craft different parts in life after graduation. The reality of life and the folly...

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Spot of the Month


Spot of the Month - Métisse Restaurant

Journey through a culinary adventure through Southeast Asia, where an array of fragrant spices and flavours are brought together to create the...



Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2014!

Although I’ve been living in Lagos for over 2 years now, I still feel LOST IN LAGOS. There’s always so much to do, and Lagos never sleeps. I was overjoyed when Fashion week came round again...

How can we get excited about upcoming elections? Engaging the hard to reach…

It’s election time again in Nigeria and, I don’t know about you but I’m feeling the tension slash excitement around what this could mean for Nigeria. Perhaps I’m an optimist and, really, there’s...

Live Life...Love Netball

My obsession with netball began at the age of eight and has never really abated. I can honestly call it an obsession, when even on my husband’s birthday, I was secretly plotting ways to sneak out...

The Screenciti Xperience

The ScreenCiti Xperience is one that is new, it’s fresh, it’s innovative and it is a different type of Xperience. We bring movies, we bring an Xperience that starts with music, eating, drinking,...

Fiesta of Flavours December 4-6

Fiesta of Flavours, a one of a kind food and beverage festival is coming to Lagos! From 4th to the 6th December 2015, you are welcome to come visit us at Harbour Point, Wilmot Point Road, Victoria...

ẸyỌ Festival, Lagos: Memories From My Childhood

I was in primary school when I first witnessed the Ádámu Òríșà play, popularly referred to as the Ẹyọ masquerade festival. Growing up in the downtown area of Ẹpẹtẹdo on Lagos Island, where I lived...